Captive Portal Broken after upgrade to 2.3 Release

  • Get the initial login/ auth page but when entering username + password tries to load "http://its_address:8002/index.php?zone=" 
    Browsers Just sit there and hang. and never get redirected to "success" page nor get Internet routed access.

    Have had the portal working for 2 years and has always survived updating the software through multiple versions until now :-)

    I read the Upgrade Guide.
    AM using simple local user accounts on PFS to authenticate.  Nothing fancy no Radius.

    We are running the captive portal off of the LAN interface with a specific tagged VLAN.

    Any obvious things I should do? And was this already covered in previous posts? I am still looking.



  • Do you use the internal login page or a custom page? If the latter is the case, check that all of the hidden form items are included on your custom page. We missed the PORTAL_ZONE input and experienced the same problems after the upgrade as you do.

  • Yep custom page..
    Pretty sure you are right! 
    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. 

  • Yes that fixed it Thank You.

  • excuse me could you explain me this a bit more? I have the same problem

    here is my custom page

    <title>Corporación Sigo S.A</title>

    <header id="header" class="navbar bg bg-black">

    Corporacion Sigo S.A

    <header class="panel-heading text-center">Autenticación</header>

    Wireless Access Register

    <form action="$PORTAL_ACTION$" class="panel-body" method="post">

    <label class="control-label">Voucher</label>


    <footer id="footer">

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