WAN connection is also a router– Confused how this works

  • Hey Everyone. I received my SG-4860 the other day so I'm trying to set it up here at my (small) business. Long term I'll set it up as multi-wan but for now I need to figure out what is going on here.

    I have my PC plugged into the LAN port, and into the WAN port I have my internet connection, which is a ZTE Turbo Hub ("mobile internet"), which also functions as a wireless router.

    I have set the LAN IP to (gateway) and have enabled DHCP so that other computers can connect. My question is: I have a static IP from my ISP, but when I enter the IP as static in my WAN interface I cannot browse the internet, gateway entered or not. If I set the WAN interface to DHCP, I can browse the internet. The problem is, when I go to the "Traffic Monitor" section in the pfsense web interface, it's showing 192.168.0.x addresses.

    Can anyone shed light as to what is going on here? My PC is accepting a 172.16.11.X IP from the pfsense box, and then the 192.168.0.X ip is coming from the router? How does pfsense know that the 192 address is my PC at the 172 address it is managing?

    I know the very basics of TCP/IP but I'm having trouble picturing what is going on here. It was my understanding that if my PC has an IP already the router should just be passing along the packet to its' gateway?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Please draw how you have it connected.  Your more then likely going to want to disable wifi on the device you got from the ISP and setup wifi behind pfsense with an AP, or other wifi router being used as AP.

    So your pfsense wan IP it is getting is what?  Your static is most likely on the wan of the isp router you have..  So know you can not put that IP on the pfsense want.  Unless you can turn your isp device into just a bridge/modem so pfsense gets a public IP on its wan.