Squid on Multi-WAN

  • Hi
    I am trying to build a Multi-WAN pfS box.
    My first query is relating to Squid…
    Does it use the default NAT rules for determining which gateway to use for web requests or does it always use the WAN interface?

    Ideally I would like them to go through WAN2


  • Please consult previous postings in the forum on this subject.  You will find that squid does not work with multi-wan.

  • I have scoured the forum and not really come up with anything definite.

    Do you mean that it will not work with load balancing or it really will not work at all?

    I do not want load balancing with my two WAN links, I just want web traffic through one WAN link and smtp/IPSEC through the other.
    If Squid will work on the Default WAN link I can live with that.

  • It will not work with multi-WAN or with the load balancer.  It's pretty much LAN -> WAN.

  • Can squid be used in multiwan like this?

    Wan1                              squid
            pfsense1 lan – wan pfsense2 lan -- Netork

    Thanks, Ken

  • Yes, although you would be much better served to install squid on something other than pfSense.  The Squid package in pfSense is out of date and not entirely complete.  You'd be better served to have a full squid install on a stand-alone box inside your LAN.

  • I have tested my multi-WAN setup with squid, and here are my findings…

    Squid WILL work on a Multi-WAN configured box BUT it will always route web (port 80) requests via the default WAN interface, irrespective of any firewall rules.
    Squid WILL NOT work in a load balancing configuration.

    My requirement to have web traffic through one WAN link and SMTP traffic through a different WAN link works perfectly with Squid.

    Hope this helps.


  • Which is exactly what I said 3 posts ago.

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