Watchguard xcore-e to go… x2

  • Ive got a couple of Watchguard xcore-e boxes that need good homes and seriously need to leave my bench.

    Im willing to donate them if…

    You buy a Gold Membership and prove it to me via one of the guys that work here and that know....  (if you already have Gold then buy one for your friend or fav forum member.) And

    You pay shipping including the UPS store boxing it up. Usually around $40 total.  Ill order the CF cards needed and throw them in.

    Ill even set them up with pfSense and have them working. (2.2.6 because that the latest Ive tested the whole thing on.)

    Ive got a 4 port (550) and an 8 port  (750 or 1250). First come first serve.

    Yep- if you look on Ebay you might find something cheaper. But do those really support the project here??

    PM me if interested. And be patient. Im a busy guy right now.