• Hi,

    I've searched around but don't seem to see much useful results, hope somebody can shed me light on this.
    Recently I found my 4GB USB stick behaving badly (most likely hardware failure, it's almost 10 years), as I do have unused SSD at home I am thinking about making a step forward to full install.

    Previously I tried moving config from old to new USB stick (so both NanoBSD) without issue, want to know if there is anything I need to pay attention when moving from NanoBSD to full? Or I just need to backup and then load a new copy will do the job?

  • I did that recently, even migrated to another appliance. I simply backed up my configuration and did a fresh install with the PFI feature. See here:


    In a nutshell: You provide your configuration backup on a separate thumbdrive as /conf/config.xml during the fresh install and after this the new installation has all settings from the existing installation. This is very convenient.

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    I also moved config.xml from nano to full some months ago without problems, I don't remember really where the specific nano things ended up. I copied over config.xml on a BSD PC and erased the file triggering the Wizard on first login (it's in the same directory where config.xml goes).

    Only thing: Have an eye on the machine if it starts to install your packages on first boot. Have seen anything from complete install, over only some packages to no packages installing automatically. Simply install them manually and your are done…

  • Thanks! I will try this out during weekend  8)