• Hello all,

    Is it possible to configure pfSense to use the same VLAN on two ports?
    I have set up VLAN 20 on port OPT1, and now I would like to have VLAN 20 on OPT2 as well (I want to attach an old, not VLAN capable, wireless AP I have here to that port).

    In the VLAN setup I can select only a single interface (port).

    Can this be done?

  • Think for a moment what a VLAN really is. It's a virtual separate "wire" (or a broadcast domain) built on top of the physical wire by using the special VLAN tags on the ethernet frames. These tags are just like MAC addresses in a way that they are completely local to the wire they are used on. You can of course set the same VLAN tag on VLANs that are on two different wires but there's no way to tell a router/firewall that there's an association between the two, this is because under the normal (routing) operation the VLAN tags get stripped away from the ethernet frames before processed by the router/firewall. If you really want to have the same VLAN tagging on two separate interfaces you'll have to set up bridge between the two, this will connect them on layer 2 level keeping the VLAN tagging intact when the frames traverse the bridge.

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    Or if 2 interfaces are connected to the same layer 2, you could also setup a lagg..

    Your not thinking the interfaces of your firewall/router are switch ports are you??  If you need more ports, get a switch!!!  Interfaces on pfsense should be network interfaces..