Pfsense NIC not configure up to 10Mbps on XEN

  • Hi PfSense team,

    I have Pfsense_v2.2.5 that is running over Xen server (Dell R610)

    I am facing poor internet speed as well as intranet connectivity. I am monitoring all interfaces on pfsense, using Check_mk_agent and it show that 10Mbps on each port.  I tried to add Xen (rx/tx) parameters in Xen server on Pfsense UUID, but this could not fix the issue. I didn't get any idea how to sort out such kind of issue.

    Please guide if someone sort out this type of issue.

  • for actually poor throughput performance on xen:

    Instructions for 2.2.x -

    Instructions for 2.3 -

    why you need to do this:

    for it showing ports negotiated at 10mbps: That's just what it visually reports for VirtIO devices. Since it's a virtual device it has no physical link speed and is only limited by the physical device it's actually using, no need to worry about it

    Also I highly recommend updating your PFsense install to at least 2.2.6 if not 2.3 as you're on a very old version!

  • Thanks for reply, fohdeesha!!

    I try to upgrade my Pfsense v2.2.5 to v2.3 but after upgrade I seen that new pfsense does not support bind package. So I have to stay my previous version till new version not support bind or provide a way to install bind package.

    Thanks once again for reply and your time.