• hi Guys and sorry for my English.
    I'm sorry if this question is already in forum but i don't find it.

    i have WAN1 and WAN2 (two different Internet)
    and i have 3 LAN (for three different Companies)
    i have i Virtual Dedicated and i want with one firewall to control all WANs and all LANs. in the future maybe i add more WANs and more LANs but know i want this:

    1. WAN1->LAN1
    2. WAN2-> LAN2 and LAN3
      i am newbie and i want our help but i want to tell me very simply to understand.

    Now all the LANs see as INTERNET GW the WAN1 and i have pfSense 2.3 (lasta)

    thanks a lot.