Disconnected while editing interfaces in 2.3

  • Hello,
    I'm running pfSense 2.3 in KVM and I have this weird problem when, while editing any interface or VLAN, I completely lose connectivity even on the mgmt interface (which I never touch). I know that this behavior is weird and I wonder if it's something related to the newer 2.3 version or maybe an interaction with the fact that I'm running it inside a VM (however I'm using IOMMU and I never had this problem with 2.2.6).


  • Are you creating new interfaces on the same subnet as the management interface?
    I.e. if your management is on and you create a new interface that is on you'll end up causing routing issues which would explain this.

    Alternatively, if you're doing something more advanced such as adding a route via the command line in order to reach the management interface (I've done this before when the management interface wasnt on the same subnet as the machine i'm on and i had to add a route through a layer3 switch to get back to my PC) then making changes to interfaces will drop any routes manually added via the CLI… you'll have to re-add the routes after interface changes (or configure them via the GUI so they persist)

  • Sorry for the delay. No, I am not touching nothing that should cause the mgmt network to become unreachable. I am 100% sure about that. This is caused almost certainly by the fact that the new 2.3 version is not dealing perfectly with the VM environment that I've created. I will keep on tweaking and maybe some other users can confirm this behaviour with KVM/Proxmox or maybe even come here to find the solution if I come up with any.

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