Bug in DHCP server in 2.3-RELEASE

  • I've found that if I change the LAN interface's IP address, then change LAN DHCP Server's range to match the new subnet the DHCP server still gives out IP addresses associated with the old DHCP scope.  This problem occurs if I change the LAN interface and DHCP Server configuration via the console as well as via the WebUI.  The WebUI shows the newly created DHCP Server IP Address range but the server is not using it.

    The DHCP Server logs indicate that the DHCP Server is not able to re-start, as it is claiming something is bound to that port already.  Explicitly restarting the DHCP Server service via the WebUI does not resolve the problem.  Explicitly disabling/enabling the DHCP server on the LAN interface (via the checkbox) does not resolve the problem.

    Only rebooting the entire firewall resolves this problem and permits the LAN DHCP server to start giving out the proper newly created IP Address range.

    My guess is there is something wrong in the code that HUPs the service and allows it to read the new configuration.  I don't know if this problem would occur if I change the LAN IP Address and DHCP scope range again (a second time).

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    And do these problems occur if you shutdown dhcp, and clear all the old leases since they are no longer going to be valid.  Change the IP address of the interfrace, then do whatever you want to do for your dhcp range?

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