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    This is my setup: pfSense box with 3 zones (WAN, LAN and DMZ). I have to servers in the DMZ zone. Both of them should be backed up from my Bacula server on my LAN. How do I allow connections from the DMZ on port 9101-9103 to my Bacula server on the LAN?

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    Why wouldn't your lan have access into your dmz??  You allow internet into your dmz right.. So let your lan pull the backup from the servers in the dmz..

    If you want the boxes in the dmz to create the connection and push the files to the backup server, then put a rule on your dmz that allows access to those backup server IP and port, etc.

    So see example, I put the rule on top of my dmz interface because rules are evaluated top down, first rule wins.  I let in server via its IP address, or you could create an alias, and put in dest IP of where I want to let it go..  And then the ports..

    How is it you have a "dmz" but don't understand how to create a firewall rule??  Can you post up these dmz rules??  And your lan rules… If your lan is default any any like out of the box, then it would already have access to your dmz and be able to talk to anything in the dmz and backup files, etc..

  • Bacula can't pull from the server. It needs a connection from the server to Baculas storage daemon.
    I did create a rule, but couldn't get it to work. I forgot to move it to the top. After I did that everything is working perfectly.

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