Firewall rule with SLAAC/DHCP/static

  • I use my desktop to access my pfsense webgui. When I used IPv4 I setup a rule that allowed my static IPv4 address access to the pfsense webgui. This worked 100%.

    Now I have setup IPv6. I use SLAAC/Stateless DHCP (for DNS) but I can't figure out how to setup the new IPv6 fireawall rule. Heres why:

    When I try to access the webui it always uses the temporary IPv6 address (which changes daily I think) so I can't add this to the firewall rule. I've tried using the FQDN in the firewall rule (using an alias) but in the logs it keeps showing the temporary IPv6 address as being blocked. Using a static IPv6 address didn't help either.

    How can I setup a firewall rule to allow only my desktop to access the webgui using IPv6? I don't mind using a SLAAC/DHCP/static address.


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