Offline Development package creation

  • Hey All,
    I am looking to create a project to replace vnstat2 or overhaul rrdsummary.
    My goal is to have a tool to have a month over month view the monthly bandwidth utilization.. but i am running into an issue with developing a "package"

    My understanding is need to have some defined XML files identifying dependencies.
    But the issue i have is in the documentation:
    I notice the <package>has a property called:
    and its shown in the following example as this:

    This is all well and great but what happens when i'm in the development process and i don't have a online config_file ?  am i able to specify a local xml thats bundled into the txz?

    Also is there any good documentation on how to create these files? as a new developer wanting to create a package its very difficult to use existing packages as an example since they are all tied to a github repository rather than individual package files.


  • I can't help with the package creation part of your post, but thought I'd mention that one of the pfSense developers is working on the return of vnstat. A promising screen capture was posted the other day in this post of the graphing, but the caveat is that the developer working on it doesn't have a timeline for completion, and the level of effort depends on workload of other more important items.

    But there is work in progress to bring vnstat back to pfSense. :)