Problem with traffic graphs

  • my dsl traffic graph is showing a higher number the where my dsl is set and am fairly sure isp isnt giving me extra
    how do I troubleshoot this or just wait till they get upgraded to the new ones being worked on?

  • I noticed that sometimes my speeds go above what I should be getting but figured it was to compensate in order to reach the speeds I pay for. Is it dramatically off or are you looking at the right speed indication (Looking at bytes instead of bits) on the traffic graph?

  • That's referring to Status>Traffic Graph I'm guessing? That pulls off netstat counters, which is what's on the wire. How much of a diff? Is your WAN interface configured as PPPoE, or?

  • yes Status>Traffic Graph  its pppoe and was holding 2.5Mbps on a connection set at 1.5Mbps and tests at 1.2Mbps-1.3Mbps
    have not noticed this till mabye last month maybe isp made some change

  • Check your computer to see if it's transferring 2.5Mb/s?

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