Getting squid to connect via OpenVPN client

  • I have got my OpenVPN client connected to my VPN provider.

    I have set the "dont pull routes" option to on as I don't want traffic to be defaulted to the VPN.

    This means that without any special policy routing all my traffic goes out on the WAN gateway.

    I can route certain traffic to the VPN gateway via rules. That's Ok.

    When I use squid proxy it exits via the WAN gateway and I'm not sure how to catch its attempt to get out so that I can route it to the VPN. It defaults to the WAN which is expected.

    How can I change squid to go out via the VPN gateway?

    I really don't want the opposite - ie all goes out on VPN and I then divert to WAN the traffic I want etc.

    I want to know how to catch the squid outward traffic to get it to go via VPN.

    Thanks in advance.

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