Hulu Freezing after Ad and replaying since Ad

  • I have a funny issue with Hulu. Hulu plays fine then when it plays as well as the Ad plays fine.  After the Ad Hulu plays for a little bit then freezes and replays from where the Ad left off.  This started recently after switching to 2.3.  The other thing which happened is Hulu changed their interface.  So it all started about the same time.  This did not happen with 2.2.6 and the old Hulu.  I think DNS plays a part in this issue.  I have my DNS locked to only Time Warner Cable's DNS since it is the fastest for my router. I use DNS forwarding.  I added Google's DNS to my allowed DNS and now Hulu is much better and not having this problem all the time just some of the time.    I have a 300 meg connection to TWC which is never saturated.  The device is a Visio TV with a LAN port plugged into a switch which has received a DHCP IP address from my Cisco layer 3 switch with a TWC DNS IP.  The strange thing is I did not change the TV's DNS IP as it is still set to TWC's DNS but I allowed Google's DNS server through my firewall.  So this is the point at which I though pfsense might play a part in this.  I have firewall rules which block all port 53 DNS except for the TWC's DNS and now Google's DNS.  Is it possible pfsense works better with Google's DNS being opened than somebody else's? Why would Hulu work better if I did not change the TV's DNS server?  Is it possible there is imbedded DNS code in the Ads of the video stream?  I have IPv6 turned off in pfsense and only use IPv4.  I guess I will add all my internal traffic is handled by my Cisco layer3 switch so pfsense sees all the LAN traffic as routed traffic from the layer3 switch.

    When I tested DNS servers TWC's DNS was faster than Google's DNS.  Google's DNS was 20 ms slower.  So I would like to stay with TWC's DNS.

    I wondered if anybody else has this problem?

  • I have checked Disable DNS Rebinding Checks and it seems to be working.  Hulu has run for over an hour without any freezing and replays.

    NEVER mind it just happened. I am going to let it go.  Maybe it will be fixed after while.

  • Well I added log-queries to DNS and I don't see anything strange in the logs.

    I have been watching the dynamic view of the firewall logs.  I see these log entries all at the same time right after the Ads on Hulu from my TV.

    Does this mean anything?  Why are all these being blocked?  Are these bad Hulu things?  This is my TV trying to talk out I assume to Hulu.

  • DNS rebinding has no impact on any Internet services, turn that back on.

    The blocks you're seeing there might be relevant. Either that device is trying to still use a connection that it closed, which it shouldn't do, or something is deleting its states. Do logs like that continue to come up when the issue recurs ?

  • I turned it on right after I decided it did not matter.  My latest thinking is maybe there is an asymmetric routing issue which is causing a break in the Hulu streaming.  I have a post over under the firewall section.  I am not sure how to solve the problem.  I did not see it under 2.2.6.

  • I just use the DNS resolver and get 0ms DNS queries and answers come from the root servers instead of manipulated ISP DNS servers.

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