Try Pfsense with older hardware or newer hardware? I5-3470/8GB ram

  • Hi,

    I have an older Micro ATX setup I am debating repurposing:

    I5 3470
    8gb ram (not ecc)
    ASrock H77M
    Xigmatek case ( - larger than I would like.
    Intel 120 SSD

    The setup has a +/- 40 watt idle & my killawatt says it is $56 dollars per year to run.  It was previously used as a Win2012 server - backups only but I have moved to freenas for storage.

    So I have been looking at getting a new setup & I am not sure of all my uses but I would like to move from port forwarding to VPN.

    My current router is a Netgear R7000 running DD-WRT & have two outdoor Egenius access points that have scheduled reboots nightly.  No one in my house likes to connect to those devices as they say its flakey.

    So with all that being said.

    I can buy a dual intel GB nic card from Amazon for about $45 & try it out as is or I can get all new stuff.

    I have an ESXi server but think I would prefer to start out with a physical box (at least for now).  Just to ensure my network runs properly.

    Any thoughts or advice?


  • That hardware is capable of handling a very fast connection, just stay away from the on board Realtek NIC.

    I'd get the 2port Intel NIC and run it.

  • I would love to find a smaller case for this microatx board.  Is there a recommended case that most people use?  I did just order a nic card:

    Hopefully thats a decent one.

  • overkill, but sufficient

    add a dual intel nic, and your done

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