ElastiX behind pfsense [SOLVED]

  • I have an ElastiX "asterisk" behind a pfsense and I'm have random issues of "2 ways" voice muting, I have added the the nat(port forward and Outbound) setting also firewalls rules but still same issues.
    the problem is 3 or 4 calls go just fine the then suddenly comes one with no voice I can't put my hand on the issue.

    P.S: I get my voice from my ISP through static route and data link not WAN so maybe I have confused some of the settings.

    here are my settings

  • it's fixed now
    I had to add this to my pbx

    and disabled this for some reason

    I hope this could help someone

  • @Gig11gs thank you man you saved me!
    You are a wondeeful person