Problems Setting up IPV6 link.

  • Hi -

    Since TWC decided my modem was unclean (SB6181) and disabled IPV6 on it with no idea when it's coming back I went and enabled an old IPV6 tunnel using the guide.

    Everything appears to be setup as requested, my gateway shows online.

    However I'm unable to ping / see anything past the remote server.

    I can ping IPV6 network internally.

    I can ping my IPV6 IP for the tunnel endpoints (client and server)

    however if I try to ping any external IPV6 or run the ipv6-test website it says I have no address.

    is there a common mistake that I'm missing?  I have the appropriate IPV4/6 any/any on the internal port.  I didn't see anything needed on the WAN port to allow?

  • welp, never mind, just 'started working'.  Must have been something on the other end.

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