• Hi all , sorry if in wrong post
    just upgraded to 2.3 (im not pfsense savy) but i keep getting this error . ive rebooted  several times
    did have a problem getting squid and squidgard to work but cleared cache and all seems ok but

    crash report begins

    FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE #28 01118b4(RELENG_2_3): Thu Apr 28 04:17:49 CDT 2016    root@ce23-i386-builder:/builder/pfsense/tmp/obj/builder/pfsense/tmp/FreeBSD-src/sys/pfSense

    Crash report details:

    PHP Errors:
    [02-May-2016 18:49:38 Etc/GMT-1] PHP Stack trace:
    [02-May-2016 18:49:38 Etc/GMT-1] PHP  1. {main}() /etc/rc.filter_configure_sync:0
    [02-May-2016 18:49:38 Etc/GMT-1] PHP  2. filter_configure_sync() /etc/rc.filter_configure_sync:37
    [02-May-2016 18:49:38 Etc/GMT-1] PHP  3. filter_nat_rules_generate() /etc/inc/filter.inc:297
    [02-May-2016 18:49:38 Etc/GMT-1] PHP  4. discover_pkg_rules() /etc/inc/filter.inc:2373
    [02-May-2016 18:49:38 Etc/GMT-1] PHP  5. require_once() /etc/inc/filter.inc:4205
    [02-May-2016 18:49:38 Etc/GMT-1] PHP  6. havp_convert_pfxml_xml() /usr/local/pkg/havp.inc:202
    [02-May-2016 18:49:38 Etc/GMT-1] PHP  7. file_put_contents() /usr/local/pkg/havp.inc:604

    any help would be much appreciated… :-\

  • You have pieces of the old havp package around. Doubt it's harming anything, but run the following to clean it up.

    rm /usr/local/pkg/havp*

  • as my daughter would say "like a boss"

    worked a treat,  many thanks to you sir :)