IPv6 not up after update

  • Auto system reboot after upgrade to Latest Base System 2.3.1.a.20160502.0743 did again not start up IPv6. It shows on igb1 (LAN), while normally is on igb0 (WAN). I found XID mismatch, so then found & killed 2 PID's. Disconnected PPPoE & Connect did not help. Next another manual reboot makes it all OK with IPv6 on igb0 as is usual.

  • Still this same phenomenon with Latest Base System 2.3.1.a.20160508.0101.

    Due to 2 PID's of dhcp6c [Why?], WAN(igb0) cannot succeed, and/then LAN(igb1) is appointed but not effective.
    To get rid of the ISP-IPv6 over igb1, a reboot is necessary.

    This time I saw PPPoE(IPv4) was not established. So, is it eventually necessary that IPv6 should wait for IPv4 to finish successfully?

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