If username x = abc net if username y = xyz net help me ?

  • hello.

    i have radius server pfsense 2.1.5

    i have 3 ethernet.

    ethernet 1 : xyz net wan
    ethernet 2 abc net wan
    ethernet 3 : lan

    if radius user name xxx ; go xyz net 
    if radius user name  yyy ; go abc net

    how can I do it.
    My English level low.

    I would be glad if the pictorial expression.

    thanks :))

  • afaik,you can't.

    you can do it on your switches with 802.1x ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEEE_802.1X )

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    heper is correct. If you want that level of control it must be done at layer 2 by your switches, usually with 802.1x

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    google dynamic vlan radius, the ability to do this going to come down to the feature set of your switch.. If all you have is some dumb soho switch or even a entry level smart switch your most likely out of luck.

    You need something with a decent feature set to support this on your switch.

    If your wanting to do with via wifi ssid vlans, then your going to need a decent AP..  The unifi ap line has finally got around to implementing this, they have had some beta firmware out for a while now.  And I see they just added it to the 5.02 beta that is out for the controller.

    What switch(es) do you have and what wifi if your wanting to do it on wifi.  And can help point you how to configure it.  your also going to need a radius server - which you can run on pfsense if you want.  I run radius on pfsense for auth on one of my wifi networks.

    If looking for something to control switches for dynamic vlans or just a nac system check out packetfense.

    On side note – "pfsense 2.1.5"  why do so many people not upgrade??  I just don't get it...

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