Alternative for Filer and RRD Graphs

  • Is there any alternative to the Filer and RRD Graphs packages in PFSense 2.3?

    I usually use the Filer because it saves my scripts with the backup file.

    The RRD Graph is good to check the network traffic.

  • UP.

    Is not possible that i'm the only that use this packages and want to upgrade to 2.3.

  • RRD graphs have been replaced. Check Status menu > Monitoring. It only shows one graph, but can be customized similar to the graphs that used to appear on the RRD page. Additional options/settings should appear in 2.3.1 when it is released.

    Not sure about Filer. Never used it.

  • Thank virgilio,

    I had not noticed the option to customize the graph, it helps me.

    I'm hoping if anyone has any other option to manage my custom scripts, as the filer does.

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