PFSense 'supported' on virtual machines

  • Is PFsense supported on virtual machines or know to work well (or badly)?

    I have had our office production PFSense router on a virtual machine for several years and still
    am with version 2.3 Release. 
    It's completely virtualized routing multiple subnets and VLANS Ipsec VPN connections and a Captive Portal.
    We also run a number of VOIP phone calls through it as well as DMZ'd Interne servers.
    It's on ESXI 5.0 currently (I need to update ESXI badly).

    I have always been ready to switch to dedicated hardware if needed but it has been performing flawlessly for
    4 years in this configuration.

    It's pretty slick! 
    I'm definitely a huge fan. 
    We usually purchase and deploy hardware purchased from PFSense for our end clients and have never
    been disappointed yet. 
    For our larger clients we have built custom servers designed for heavy traffic.

    But just as a constant test we have out entire office running on a PFSense virtual server.

    I've never yet deployed this type of arrangement out to a client.

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    huh?  You ask if its supported, but they state you have been running it without issues.  And even on a esxi that does not support the version your on.  The version of Freebsd on the newer versions of pfsense 2.2 and 2.3 is not officially supported until 5.5u2

    Confused at what is your question?  Are you asking if you called/paid pfsense for official support would they support it if on VM?

  • Many, many people run on VMs on a wide range of hypervisors. There isn't anything "unsupported" about VMs.

  • There isn't anything "unsupported" about VMs.

    ditto ditto on that .

    For a closer look at any issues with your particular setup, try the VM forum:

  • No issues running 2.3.x on esxi 5.1.x

    Also i have 2.3.x on hyperv 2012. no issues there too.

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    "No issues running 2.3.x on esxi 5.1.x"

    That is nice to hear but that is not a supported configuration from even vmware.. Since they do not support the version of freebsd pfsense is running on..

    freebsd 10.x is not supported by vmware until 5.5u2 so while it might work, it is not a combination that should be used..  You need to update your esxi to 5.5u2 at min to be inline with what vmware says their product supports.

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