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  • I'd like to set up pfSense on a mini-iTX platform (ASRock E350M/USB3 motherboard with AMD E350 APU).  The motherboard only has a single PCI-e slot so I can install an Intel dual-port PCI-e NIC in the slot to connect to both the WAN and LAN.  I would also like to set up wireless on the same platform.  Is there a way to do this and what hardware would I need?  I assume a USB wireless controller would work, but I'm not sure what to use.  Any recommendations for compatible hardware?

    Update:  It appears that I may be able to simply add a wireless access point external to the pfSense PC.  Does this sound correct?  I was planning on keeping the wireless connection on the same network as the other LAN so I could access it via my laptop.

  • Yes, better using external WiFi AP, you don't need to think about the OS support of wireless cards, and you might make a good use with the onboard LAN port for that particular WiFi AP.

  • pfSense wireless interfaces

    I would also consider to go with an external wireless AP, that offers even the newest standards and
    is OS independent working out of the box. For any other case you could try out something named
    under the link above.

  • Great.  Thanks for the replies.  That will simplify things considerably.  :D

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    take a look at the unifi AP.. their new AC line is very reasonable priced with lots of features.. the lite goes for $89 while the pro is $149..


    Another advantage of the external AP is allows you to properly place for best coverage vs where your pfsense box is located..

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