SG-2220 identification in 2.3

  • I have an SG-2220 that has been upgraded from 2.2.6 to 2.3. In the System Information widget, it identifies itself as "Netgate RCC-DFF", whereas my SG-4860 correctly identifies itself as "SG-4860".

    Does this indicate that I've somehow lost the "factory" image setting on the SG-2220?

  • Looking at the code in src/etc/inc/, it appears that there is no code to specifically identify the SG-2220. Is this just an oversight?

  • Yeah the "friendly" product name for that field doesn't show for the 2220, it shows the smbios.system.product name instead. You're on the factory version or it wouldn't show that field at all. I'll fix that, thanks.

  • I figured it was probably still the factory image when I found the watchdog option. But do I appreciate the confirmation, thanks.

  • Netgate RCC-DDF is the correct system id string.  Sometimes the marketing name and the engineering name for a product don't match up, (sometimes the name changes too late in a software release cycle).  It maybe not ideal, but its functionally correct.

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