CARP needed, limited IPs available

  • What I need: failover between my two pfsense boxes on 5 virtual IPs …CARP is the answer of course.
    My problem: I have only 5 public IPs that I need CARPED, and thus don't have an IP for the interface.

    Trolling this forum would lead me to believe this would be the proper way to start:
    1.) Set my interface addresses on my two pfsense boxes to something like and
    2.) Add 5 CARP VIPs of

    ...after this I get confused ...let's say my public IP range is would seem that I need some sort of trickery with either static routing, "other" VIPs, and/or NATs that are different between the two boxes ...

    ...where to go from here?

  • Oh, and based on the VIP page, I do need (unfortunately) to support the FTP Helper …I bet that screws it up?

  • What you need, of course, is OpenBSD's CARPDEV. Unfortunately, it is still in the rough stages of being ported to FreeBSD. I think your easiest options would be: a) get a /28 instead of a /29 b) Use port-forwarding to consolidate your public services to 3 IPs instead of 5.

  • Thanks dotdash, in my trolling I ultimately decided you had given the answer to me …I'm upping to /28 ideally's a pain with my ISP ...I actually use a lot of port forwarding to get it down to the 5 ...i could get it to 3 maybe, but that's really pushing it ...but any way, thanks again ...and looking forward to CARPDEV someday.

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