PfSense v2.3 on Alix 2D3 / 2D13 does not work well

  • Hi,

    I upgraded the Alix 2D3 which I had been using for a few years, with a new Monster Brand 500X 8GB CF Card and install pfSense v2.3 on it.  After initially having problems, I discovered I had to set its file system to "rw", which I did. Performance became a little better, however, the "Dashboard" seem to always use between 60-100% of CPU, which makes it unbearingly slow.  While checking the menus, the new WebGUI system crashes sometimes (under Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, & Chrome browsers).

    I hope v2.3.1 will address the various shortcomings of running pfSense 2.3+ on Alix 2D3/2d13 boards.  I think the user-base of these boards are still quite numerous & prevalent.

    Also, can the developers make it so a set of optimized pfSense defaults are loaded/configured for such low-end embedded boards as the Alix as to make them more reliable?


  • They're reliable completely stock if using flash media that mounts rw->ro quickly. If not, then permanent rw is necessary.

    Guessing you probably are hitting two separate bugs that are being addressed for 2.3.1, one where update checking hangs up the GUI if it can't communicate, and one where re-mount issues make it fail to check for updates. If you reboot it now that it's permanently rw mounted, I suspect it will behave much better, as you've worked around both of those with permanent rw.

  • In my case the network speed reduced significantly after upgrade to 2.3 on my ALIX 2D13.  Sorry, I don't have concrete numbers but trust me the performance tanked.

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    Let me try to change the file system to RW permanently and report back