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    My name is Franco, I do work for OPNsense for over a year now. I've come here to ask a question regarding Wikipedia, particularly about one user doing extensive deletions of OPNsense and promoting pfSense at the same time. This individual was also involved in nominating and removing our Wikipedia page in the first place. Just facts, I'm not trying to start an argument:


    I for one think such behaviour will have negative consequences for both projects in the long run if not addressed.

    Here are my questions:

    (1) Why is there such a strong desire to indicate OPNsense is not a proper fork?

    (2) Does anyone think the depicted behaviour is in fact necessary in a professional environment?

    (3) What will be done to avoid such things in the future?


  • I believe you can report the person on Wikipedia for vandalism, what he is doing certainly counts as that.

  • To add, there is no real feud between developers/users of pfSense and OPNsense. The whole BSD way of doing things is making your work available for others to use, modify and take further with no strings attached. My personal view though is that OPNsense is redundant and resources used on it are wasted and would have been better used to make pfSense a better product but that's just my 2 cents.

  • (1) Why is there such a strong desire to indicate OPNsense is not a proper fork?

    don't know, nor care about it either way … every car is a fork of

    i'm in no positition to say if a mercedes is not a proper fork  but that a chrysler is ;)

    (2) Does anyone think the depicted behaviour is in fact necessary in a professional environment?

    the interwebs will never be a professional environment … they are on par with shouting/fighting sessions in several western parliament meetings. Monkeys with less body hair, are still just monkeys

    (3) What will be done to avoid such things in the future?

    i'm not sure anyone can do anything about editors on wikipedia, except what kpa pointed out: report them

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    If you see this:


    …it appears highly plausible to start quick with building a new security infrastructure somewhere far, far away from the USA ;-)

  • I find it absolutely amazing on what Franco is prepared to do in order to spread disinformation and manipulation. Amazing that Franco is posting on this forum about it, despite the fact he blocked me on twitter (not just me, pretty sure he blocked actual people from pfSense project). He also blocked / banned cmb from OPNsense forum after he corrected him. So much for his good intentions.

    No matter how hard OPNsense or Franco tried to portray it, this is not “vandalism” or wrong behaviour. In fact, if you check the profile Franco linked you’ll see that literally only OPNsense self-promotion and non-existing references are deleted. And boy they tried to insert “OPNsense” everywhere they could!

    Okay, time for some transparency.

    Observe the following link https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Special%3ALog&type=delete&user=&page=OPNsense&year=&month=-1&tagfilter=

    You can see that OPNsense wikipedia page was deleted not once but THREE times due shameless self-promotion and advertising. Franco can blame me all he wants for that, but I did not remove their wikipedia page NOR did I nominate it.

    It’s dead obvious to anyone with eyes, that this guy nominated OPNsense wikipedia page for deletion last time https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Duffbeerforme

    And here’s the screenshot that proves it: http://i.imgur.com/MjB4O6w.png

    Fact is, OPNsense was abusing Wikipedia and breaking all possible rules. Wikipedia NEVER was for self-promotion, which is EXACTLY what Franco and his fellow OPNsense people did.

    They created OPNsense wikipedia page right after OPNsense started, which is also not allowed by Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Too_soon

    The fact is, OPNsense did all this to themselves. They abused Wikipedia, not me. And please, give Wikipedia some credit, they have effective means to prevent vandalism and manipulation. Blaming me for vandalism is plain dumb, especially because it was Wikipedia admins who deleted OPNsense page repeatedly.

    Here, let’s be more transparent.

    What Franco is not mentioning is that he personally along with Jos Schellevis, one of Deciso owners (company behind OPNsense) edited pfSense wikipedia page multiple times!!! They tailored it to their self-promotion.

    Here’s “Joswp” or Jos Schellevis editing pfSense wikipedia page http://i.imgur.com/QAYWROA.png

    And here http://i.imgur.com/FhTAWMj.png

    Here’s Franco alias “netfitch” editing pfSense wikipedia page http://i.imgur.com/X4OHmap.png

    And here http://i.imgur.com/cu2uK6f.png

    Now why would OPNsense people tailor pfSense Wikipedia page???

    And that just proves that they are huge hypocrites. Not just hypocrites but malicious persons who intentionally spread disinformation.

    There’s a lot more if you check pfSense Wikipedia page history.

    We’re talking about people who listed OPNsense under “Significant BSD descendants” here, in days after they released the fork.

    I am dead serious about it: http://i.imgur.com/Sx2jcMy.png

    It’s really not surprising to me that OPNsense guys are discovering the new levels of low, I’m used to it. I’ve been calling them out on my Twitter for almost a year now (check out @htilonom for more info) and I will continue to do it. It’s just too much fun to stop now.

    Feel free to follow me on twitter for more updates about liars and scam called OPNsense. You wouldn’t believe what these people are doing.

    Hope you enjoyed the reading!

    Yours truly,

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    According to your Twitter account your are a full-time opnSense stalker, huh? Cool!

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