Quagga ospf don't work with static routes

  • Hi. I have trouble with quagga ospf and static routes.
    OSPF is ignoring zebra.conf.
    I created stand on debian(Quagga (ospfd)), and all works fine, but the same configuration with pfsense didn't wont work. What's wrong?

    Quagga ospfd.conf

    password zebra
    router ospf
      redistribute static
      network area
      network area 2

    Quagga zebra.conf

    password zebra
    ip route
    ip route
    ip route

  • update.

    It began after router has been updated to v2.3.
    I checked on version 2.2.6, all works fine.

  • After long hours of search I come to believe, that package incorrectly builded.
    Do you have any idea how to resolve the problem?

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