Public IP on WAN is VPN IP

  • Hi Guys,

    I have got along to almost complete my setup with the help of this forum. Thanks a lot. This specific problem I did not find a solution for so far

    Simple setup:

    Multiple WAN: 1 WAN ( comcast) ( default gateway) , 1 VPN ( torGuard)
    One LAN:

    Set up firewall alias/rules to route specific clients via vpn gateway.
    Verified it by:
    Traceroute on Wan routed (default) clients go through comcast
    Traceroute on VPN routed clients go through TG servers

    Installed Squid -  Interface LAN, Transparent Interface as LAN
    The routing works just as mentioned above verified with traceroute.
    All the clients routed through WAN(comcast) now have the VPN's public IP though the traceroute shows its going through comcast servers.

    Any help is appreciated.

    PS: When squid disabled : VPN routed clients get VPN public ip, WAN routed clients get WAN ip.
    All public ip's verified by 'wget -qO -' in the clients terminal
    All traceroutes are 'traceroute'

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