• Hi All,

    I'm seeing an issue with growl notification settings (System > Advanced > Notifications) that wasn't present in the last stable release I have been running (from 2.2.6 to 2.3 and then straight to 2.3_1)

    Specifically, if I copy and paste my password in (15 chars) and hit 'Test Growl' it works. The web-ui then appears to refresh, and shorter password appears in the growl settings (seems to be 7 characters). It then no longer works.
    Similarly, if I just copy in the working password and hit save (skipping the test), it also appears to be coming back with the shorter password and will not work.

    I'm not yet sure if it isn't storing the password and is recalling an old one from somewhere, or if it is truncating the new password. Is anyone else seeing similar issues?


  • I noticed my smtp is doing this as I don't get notified as I did before with things like being notified of a reboot when updating between snapshots, or services have stopped running.

  • That should not be any different in 2.3_1 than in 2.3.
    There were some issues corrected with error handling if an invalid IP Address or FQDN was put in there for Growl, that is corrected in 2.3.1: https://github.com/pfsense/pfsense/commit/642c6023fea2957bb646b1290371ead508f5cc67

    It is getting to the stage that there are so many little fixes/changes for 2.3.1 that it would be good to release it so that everybody installs it and then can report bugs directly against 2.3.1.

    But your description sounds like more than what is fixed in 2.3.1. I will have a little play myself see if I can break it. But if you can go to 2.3.1-DEVELOPMENT and try there, it would be good to know what still goes wrong for you.

  • Thanks guys, I will try that development release tomorrow as i need to leave this device up and stable over night for remote access.

    It's possible that there is more to this than meets the eye as I pulled the XML and it is holding the correct growl details in the config. I rebooted to see if there was just something funky going on in memory, but no luck.

  • Scratch that, I had some spare time before escaping for the day so I updated to the development branch and the issue (with growl notifications) does appear to have been fixed. The password field in the webui is still indicating the wrong length (intentionally perhaps?), but it is authenticating correctly and sending notifications.