IPComp? Bug 6167 doesn’t seem to be fixed in the snapshots…

  • I know it’s a known bug in 2.3 that IPComp isn’t working with IPSec

    However, what’s the deal with the snapshots?

    According to https://redmine.pfsense.org/issues/6167
    this is supposed to be fixed and is in “Feedback” status, yet, whenever I enable IPComp on both sides of the connection, both sides identical hardware running the latest 2.3.1 snapshots, traffic stops flowing. Only after both disabling IPComp AND rebooting both units does traffic flow again.

    So is this only fixed on some internal build? Has someone forgotten to push the change out to the snapshot build, or does the fix not really fix the problem?

  • The fix broke the build of cryptostats so it was reverted. It'll come back once that issue is addressed.