Reaching Bridged Modem's WebGUI behind pfSense

  • I'm using an AT&T 2Wire 2701hg-b gateway put in bridged mode by disabling PVC seach & changing connection type to direct ip & finally uncheck "enable routing".  I've also done this procedure on other router/modem combo units and they work as well.

    Under Tomato Multi-WAN I simply put the address of the bridged gateway in the field marked as "Route Modem IP" and I can access the bridged gateway to examine my line condition stats.

    My Tomato router, soon to be pfSense 2.3 router is on w/ default settings while the 2Wire Gateway is on

    How do I do this using pfSense?

    Where would I specify the location of my bridged modem/gateway under pfSense?

    Here's a picture of how this feature looks like when I did it under Tomato.

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    This should do the trick:

    …I never did it, no time... ;-)

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the info… I don't like putting the gateway in the so called DMZ+ modes just in order to access the modem's interface. Nothing beats having it in bridged mode.

    It looks a bit complicated. I'll try it. Would have been nice if such a feature could be enabled/disabled in an automated way by a single field in the new pfSense 2.3 Web-GUI.  :)