XML Errors during Upgrade from 1.2.3 to 2.2.6

  • Dear All,
    Please can someone help with the procedure to upgrade from 1.2.3 to 2.2.6.

    I am having this error "XML error: MONITOR_TYPE at line 471 cannot occur more than once" when i am trying to assign interfaces or apply any menu numbers.

    Please help…..

  • What's your config file look like around line 471?

    The monitor_type tag is for the load balancer monitors, and can be there an unlimited number of times as long as it's correctly within the <load_balancer>section.</load_balancer>

  • Dear cmb,
    Please find the attached file which is the config_file but i am not seeing anything on line 471. Is there any other config_file????? If yes, where can i find it or is there another possible option to factory reset this device because when i am using 4 on the pfsense menu this error stops it from completing the process.

    [Pfsense Config File.txt](/public/imported_attachments/1/Pfsense Config File.txt)

  • That file isn't valid XML, it has new lines inserted after 80 characters of width. You saved that in an editor of some sort that inserted line breaks and made it invalid. For instance, lines 29, 182, 186, 209 and more. Then it tries to do a config upgrade and fails because it isn't a valid config file.

    There is also some stray chunk of certificate at the very bottom of the file, and the gateways section is cut off. Your manual edits to that file have broken a number of things, if you have the un-modified backup file you started from, that'd be the best thing to restore.

  • Please can you help me with a default original config file and the steps to replace to remove and replace the config file.
    Please help me

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