General pfsense question (stability tests)

  • A little issue that i have been noticing. Let me list the specs and let the replies roll out…

    Initial Specs:
    <--Dell Vostro 210 Desktop----4GB RAM----500GB HDD----2x1Gbit PCI NICS---250WATT Power supply>
    With these specs i had increased the RAM to 4GB and installed Alpha lastest snapshot no problem. The box ran for a week perfectly handling all network traffic shaping like butter. Then exactly a week later to the minute i would get no connection. Arrived at NOC and checked console, but no console ...just steady beeping..(1.....2....beep....1....2...beep...etc)...ok so i

    downgrade to these specs:
    <--Dell Vostro 210 Desktop(Dual Core 1.8Ghz----2GB RAM----500GB HDD----2x1Gbit PCI NICS---250WATT Power supply>
    With this setup i'm running just fine for the last 2 days and no problems.

    Now is this a powersupply issue where more is needed? and that this machine failed under heavy network load??? or Pfsense can't handle more than 2GB of RAM?

  • I Don't have 4gig so cant help with that…but as for a desktop box..

    With the desktops you need to check your IRQ's disable some of the onboard items you are not going to use to free up some IRQ's also check that your PCI nics don't share an IRQ.

    I have two older dell desktops humming along at 35Megs 10% load in a colo.

  • yep one of my hunches was that the IRQ's might be sharing and causing conflicts and i'll have to check on that. The other issue was that i might have a weakling of a power supply in this unit. 250W, will that cover a Dual Core 1.8Ghz , 4GB RAM and 500GB HDD, 2 x 1Gbit PCI NICS….under network load???

  • Yup your fine for power.

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