Igmpproxy new version install?

  • Hi,

    i have a problem with the igmpproxy version in pfsense 2.3. It does not support igmpv3 on the downstream interface, but i need this function as the new IPTV from Deutsche Telekom uses the feature source specific multicast from igmpv3. Without that no IPTV, the "old IPTV" works even with igmpv2 in downstream.

    I have compiled a new version of igmpproxy ( https://github.com/pali/igmpproxy/tree/pending/src ) under freeBSD 10.3 amd64. How can i get this new version into my pfsense??

    If i copy this into the folder ./usr/local/sbin the igmpproxy can be started but it seems it does not forward the multicast traffic from upstream to downstream.

    Any assistance is welcome.

  • In the case of igmpproxy, you should only need to copy the resulting igmpproxy binary to /usr/local/sbin/ then kill off the old one and start it.

  • Hello cmb,

    i kwon i have to stop the igmpproxy in pfsense before i can copy the new to this folder and restart the igmpproxy. Or must i kill the process if there is any, too??

  • Stopping the service would do the same. I just usually manually kill the old process since I'm in SSH anyway and that's quicker.

  • I have tested 3 versions of compiled sources of igmpproxy, no one works like expected. Member -flo- in the german forum had also a look at this.

    The sources available for igmpproxy for Linux/BSD aren´t capable of igmpv3 (specialy ssm) on the downstream interface yet.

    The Linux alternativ igmpproxy mcproxy lokks like it could do it.

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