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  • I just need a simple recommendation for an NIC. I tried a Sun card but it doesn't seem to be detected by PfSense. Can someone recommend me a moderately priced ($70 or less) card? I just need two ports because I'll use a switch. I'm also using an external WAP so that problem is taken care of as well. The motherboard I'm dealing with is an MSI H81M-E33. I'd like something near a 500 megabit capable card, as we're talking about a residential connection. I'm trying to keep any future upgrades in speed from bottlenecking at the NIC. I'd love it if someone would be so kind as to help a beginner.  ;D Thanks for any response.

  • Intel Pro 1000.

  • Thanks for the recommendation! What is the speed on this card? I can't seem to find it.

  • @JWells:

    Thanks for the recommendation! What is the speed on this card? I can't seem to find it.

    Intel Pro 1000 <– speed is already shown....

  • Oh duh! Thanks - I thought that was the model number.  :P

  • Intel PT 1000 (multi-port)
    Intel i350 (multi-port)
    Intel i354 (multi-port)
    Intel 210 (single port)

    Refurbished NICs from with dual or quad port will do the job also for you too.
    Any kind of the server grade NIC that is well documented or driver supported would be
    matching in my eyes. I really would recommend to have more a look or dedicated view
    on the CPU that should be more strong and powerful enough to handle the load at the
    WAN interface. If you have something likes a desktop or server CPU in usage, that is
    able to run ~@3.0GHz and better or above it would be the best guarantee to get real
    1 GBit/s at the WAN port(s).

  • I've found a couple good deals on Intel cards, single, dual and quad ports on ebay as well as newegg and amazon. Be sure to do your research and get one that is both supported and is going to meet your needs.

    The pfSense store offers a nice quad port card too, not a bad place to start your shopping and eliminates the "do your homework" factor:

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