Hyper V lanning with 4vms, 2ip's

  • Hi all!
    Im currently attempting to make vlan's with pf sence to only bring forward the ports of the vms running applications.(game servers) to one of two ips (so goes the idea.)
    My current setup is this and how id like it running

    2012 R2 running                                      |NIC1 wan acdress
    hyper V on its own running a webserver, |

    2x 2012 servers                                        |Vlan
    1x 2008 server                                          |vlan
    1x PFsence running the vm network        | Lan with NIC2 wan adress

    Im not very confident with vlans so detailed response's please , "How to"
    would be good!

    images if you can

    how i want the map to look like(bad drawing ;),


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