Adding Games to qGames

  • I have been searching high and low but can not find an example of determining and adding the information for a game not included in the Wizard to a Queue. Can anyone point me in the direction of an example for this? If it matters, I'm trying to add Black Desert Online to my home test system as a demo.

  • Just create a floating rule that matches your traffic(ports) and assign it to your queue. You don't have to use floating rules, but they're a bit more flexible and can be applied to multiple interfaces in the case of multiple WANs, LANs, or bi-directional traffic.

    Since you used the wizard, if you look under your floating rules, you should see all kinds of examples.

  • Your best bet here is to create Alias's for the games with ports and protocols then create floating rules and assign them to qGames.  If you choose to use TCP/UDP combo for protocol then make sure to choose qACK for your rules.

    Also choose the WAN interfaces for floating rules as well.

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