Printing across LANs

  • Hi,

    In my home I have two networks (A and B).
    The printer is on LAN A along with various other servers - these servers can all ping and use the printer.
    Machines on LAN B cannot ping or use the printer, but every other service works normally (e.g. RDP, network shares, FTP, web, etc.).

    I have the two LANs assigned to different interfaces on the firewall, with the interfaces each assigned a different IP range.
    I have firewall rules in to allow any traffic, of any type, on any port, to be allowed to any target/type/port, set for both LAN A and B.

    Both the sources and printer have the correct default gateways set.

    Any ideas?

  • powercycle the printer / update firmware

    some models have a terrible networking stack

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