Need fresh eyes for routing between vlans

  • Hi Everybody,
    this is my first topic. I'm a pfsense noob and i need your help to finalize my setup.
    I have attached my network topology…i hope is clear...
    I have installed pfsense on a 4NIC machine:
    igb0 WAN (poppe DSL connection)
    igb1 LAN with DSL gateway (WAN)
    nvpnc1 VPN (openVPN interface)
    igb2 VPNLAN with VPN gateway
    igb3 not used

    Now in between the hosts and the firewall there is a Cisco switch configured to tag the VLANs 1 and 99.

    Everything work perfectly and all the traffic is routed to the gateway WAN or VPN based on the VLAN
    The only issue i have is that i want the VLAN hosts to be able to communicate each other but after couple of days playing with rules and NAT i really need a fresh look of someone else.

    Thanks in advance for help and suggestions

  • you generally don't specify gateways on any LAN interface

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    It looks like they might be a reference to the gateways set for policy routing on those interfaces.

    You generally can't tag VLAN 1 either. When you start tagging VLANs pretend VLAN 1 does not exist.

    If you want to use two router ports to go to two different VLANs on a switch you can. But if you do not create the VLANs on the router interfaces, the switch ports should be untagged.

    In that case it's safe to use VLAN 1 for one of them.

    In your diagram there is no reason to use any VLAN tags at all

    int fast 0/0
    switchport mode access
    switchport access vlan 1 (I think you can do that. It's been forever since I did anything with vlan 1)

    int fast 0/1
    switchport mode access
    switchport access vlan 99

    connect igb1 to fast0/0 and igb2 to fast0/1

    Do the same above on two more ports and connect your devices.

    int fast 0/2
    switchport mode access
    switchport access vlan 1

    Connect something there and it will be on

    int fast 0/3
    switchport mode access
    switchport access vlan 99

    Connect something there and it will be on

    Apologies if this is totally different than your switch. I don't have any 28XX switches.

  • thank you both for the input.
    I specify gateways to LAN interfaces to force traffic LAN->WAN and LANVPN->VPN
    Mainly the switch posts are tagged like this:

    interface GigabitEthernet0/11
    switchport access vlan 99
    switchport mode access

    Your right VLAN1 is default on cisco and no tag! i will move it on VLAN10

    As a said all the traffic goes as expected to the right gateway…but still i cannot ping from or vice versa.
    I spent so much time trying to create policy routing rules in pfsense that at the moment i restored the default rules...if you have any rule in  mind that permit the communication between these two network i will be happy!

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Ah sounds like you're missing bypassing policy routing. You need a rule on LAN that passes all traffic source LAN net dest VPNLAN net with gateway default. You also need a rule on VPNLAN that passes all traffic source VPNLAN net dest LAN net gateway default.

    These rules need to be above the rules that send traffic to WAN or the VPN.

  • Thank you very much for the suggestions!
    Finally i opted for a different solution…
    I have created a LAGG interface for igb1+igb2 and trunk ports on cisco switch...applied the VLAN tags and everything is now working as expected!

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