• My upgrade to 2.3.1 failed (full details at https://gist.github.com/dlangille/52dbad95f14d001fdc2f0752cc50aad8).

    The 'Obtaining update status' seemed to hang around a very long time, never completing the task.  I have since rebooted the box, hoping to resolve that.

    After the reboot, it's telling me I'm on the latest version:

    2.3-RELEASE (amd64)
    built on Mon Apr 11 18:28:29 CDT 2016
    FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE

    What's up with that?

    I tried an upgrade from the console:

    1. Logout (SSH only)                  9) pfTop
    2. Assign Interfaces                10) Filter Logs
    3. Set interface(s) IP address      11) Restart webConfigurator
    4. Reset webConfigurator password    12) pfSense Developer Shell
    5. Reset to factory defaults        13) Update from console
    6. Reboot system                    14) Disable Secure Shell (sshd)
    7. Halt system                      15) Restore recent configuration
    8. Ping host                        16) Restart PHP-FPM
    9. Shell

    Enter an option: 13

    pkg: Cannot get an exclusive lock on a database, it is locked by another process
    rm: /cf/conf/upgrade_log.txt: Read-only file system
    tee: /cf/conf/upgrade_log.txt: Read-only file system

    Updating repositories metadata… tee: /cf/conf/upgrade_log.txt: Read-only file system

    tee: /cf/conf/upgrade_log.txt: Read-only file system
    pkg: sqlite error while executing PRAGMA user_version; in file pkgdb.c:2433: attempt to write a readonly database

  • Hi,

    Version 2.3_1 is not 2.3.1 but rather a security update (2.3.0_1)

    For more details see:

  • Diag>NanoBSD, enable permanent rw.