NUT not starting - Tripp Lite Smart Online

  • Ok all, I have my PFSense 2.2.6 box running on a Dell SFF pc, Core2 Duo. I put a UPS on it today and was going to set it up with NUT for auto shutdown.

    The UPS is a Tripp Lite SmartOnline unit, connected via a USB cable. I selected "Auto (USB)" under connection type and Tripp Lite SmartOnline for UPS. When I select the "local" option for monitor UPS, and click change, I get an error that NUT service is not started. And I can't start it manually either.

    What's up with that?

  • Hopefully this is an area of NUT that will one day get an update…

    I use a Cyberpower unit but none of the Cyberpower configs work...  but if I use an APC config with the USB option it reads the Cyberpower unit model number, charge and stats.  The service will then start and the widget works for all but the bar graphs.

    Play around with multiple configs.

    Hope that helps

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