Problems with sis(4)

  • cheers.

    i have some problem with the sis(4) driver when try to boot pfsense
    on a intel 201GLY.
    the driver cannot find the interrupt "sis0: couldn´t map interrupt"

    and the initial boot hangs.
    while trying with with other version (6.3, with freeNAS or m0n0) its recongnized normally.

    posible solutions?
    how i can tell to ignore/modify these driver? is the onboard nic and the mother has only 1 pci slot.
    can i load Pfsense on 6.3 or 7.0 BSD?


  • with the ALPHA version 1.3 works fine.

  • If it works in 1.3 it'll work in 1.2.1.

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