Will renaming interfaces cause any problems?

  • I have several pf boxes in service now, so I'm working on centralizing logging to an ELK stack.

    Hardware isn't identical, and I want my dashboards as clear as possible so it's useful to my cow orkers as well as me.

    Doing a rename in logstash is certainly doable, but it means anther edit I need to keep track of, something else that I'll have to debug when something changes between versions,  and no matter how efficient the process is, it's being repeated thousands of times per hour.

    I can rename the interfaces through ifconfig, and did so on my test box - no ill effect other than having to reassign interfaces.

    But I'm not sure where I would make the change permanent, and before I dig that far, I'd like to know if it will cause problems down the road in pf.

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