• I disabled an interface. Right after I got redirected to a page with the following error:

    An HTTP_REFERER was detected other than what is defined in System -> Advanced ( If not needed, this check can be disabled in System -> Advanced -> Admin.

    This is on the latest build with _1 update.

    The interface name stated is not the interface I disabled. The error is a link redirecting to logout. When I click on it, I'm (re)redirected to the same error page in a loop. Because of this I'm unable to enter the GUI. Weird part is it's complaining about a HTTP_REFERER in the traffice graphs?


    Short after this post, internet was unavailable. I rebooted pfSense and the LAN nic didn't get an IP assigned although this is a static IP.
    From the console I set up this nic again with the same static IP and it worked. The HTTP_REFERER error is also gone. Still no idea why this happend.