NAT + Load Balance Question

  • I'm not sure if I can explain this.  I have a new client coming on board that currently has 5 servers, a db server, a content server, and 3 http servers.  The three http servers are load balanced on a single public IP address, the content server is on another public IP address, and the db server is private.

    The client now wants to setup the content server to use virtual servers, one for the content and a second to serve as a 4th http server.

    Is it possible for me to have the content server on a public IP address that is NAT port 80 to it, and also to add it's private IP address to the server pool for the load balancing???

    This would allow all content requests to still come in on port 80 via it's own IP address, and then the http traffic to come in via the load balancing?

    I hope this is clearer than it sounds like I am being?

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