How hard is it to move PFsense from a physical machine to a virtual machine?

  • Hi,

    I am looking to start playing with Pfsense on an older I5 desktop with dual nic.  I also just got a new box which I am going to use for VMware in a few weeks.

    Can i get my physical box setup & have it working smoothly then copy the config data over to a Virtual PFSense box?

    Is that a OK idea?


  • U can copy /cf/conf/config.xml or export config.xml  to your  VM from hardware box.
    But need to check NIC name is same, or you can modify config.xml file network setting be in line with VM NIC Name .

  • Just run a backup from your physical box (Diagnostics\Backup/Restore), edit the config file to allow for the possibly different NIC device IDs and import into a fresh install on your VM environment. So yeah, it's an OK idea.

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