PfSense 2.3 Update check broken

  • I have a somewhat functioning 2.3 system (needs a reboot once in a while, but otherwise works) - the one thing I know isn`t working is the "checking for update" part. On the dashboard, the "Obtaining Release status" never ends, the little gear icon just turns and turns.

    When I go into System - Update, it just hangs.

    I see a lot of update problems, but nothing that seems to match this. Any idea?

  • I may have fixed my own issue by putting my mount on "permanent read/write" (I am running Nanobsd on a Lanner appliance) - that being said, isn't this a poor solution, as it makes the file system more fragile?

  • In 2.3.1 the nanoBSD systems will be always set RW. I know Chris and the lads did a lot of testing in 2.2.* with automated repeated power-cycling of nanoBSD systems in RW to demonstrate that the file system copes. Hopefully this remains true for 2.3 (FreeBSD 10.3).

    In ordinary operation, after boot and when the admin is not making changes, there is no writing to the permanent media anyway. So having the disk RW instead of RO should make no difference to its integrity on power fail.

  • Thank you - I suspect the slowness in mounting the filesystem in read/write when in readonly explains most of my problems and delays with the UI.

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